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The Creative Soul

By 2011, Europe No Comments

I believe that creativity spurs creativity. One of the reasons I love art is because it stirs something within you; not only an emotional response to the piece but something that goes beyond that, to the place where you are inspired to create your own. I feel that the best art is this kind, when you are in awe yet inspired. This response takes on different forms; whether you want to take a bit of Park Guell’s mosaics and incorporate that into your own home, or are so inspired by Michelangelo’s David that you write a piece of poetry in response, it would seem that art begets art. We are designed to create, and when we are inspired by a piece of art, the result is more creativity.
I think that this is part of why cities such as Florence draw so many people. This place was the heart of the Renaissance -a “rebirth” of creativity – and today when you visit there is evidence of this everywhere. Not only are there historical art pieces -architecture, paintings, sculptures- but everywhere you go there are street artists and musicians creating art. Art draws the artist within people, awakening creativity and bringing it to the the surface. In whatever form it may take, we all have creative souls.


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