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owners of the temporary

By 2011, Europe No Comments

After two months of moving every four days, adjusting to familiar surroundings at home is both nice and different. The trip was eight weeks of constant motion and it was necessary to learn how to make the temporary ordinary.

One way I adjusted to travelling was to form personal rhythms. Some people allotted an activity they did each morning before breakfast while other people had a bus routine. Everyone’s routine was shaped by their personality and interests. I chose to write in my personal journal often to clarify my thoughts. We creatures of rhythm naturally etched ourselves into some sort of familiarity in order to remain grounded living in flux.

Europe was also a time to start new relationships while strengthening old ones. Foundations were established as relationships formed and we were able to learn something new about those around us. People came alive and into their own on the trip which was exciting to watch.

By learning to take ownership of the temporary elements of our life, meaning is created. As our group learned how to become rooted despite the travelling, we were able to flourish. We anchored ourselves and were free to branch out into new experiences. I for one reflect back on the grounded nature of the Europe trip and am thankful.


Roman observations

By 2011, Europe No Comments

I find myself in the eternal city, the one which all roads lead to, the city of Rome. Equally so, I find myself sitting atop a white marble bench scribbling notes into a journal. What makes this particular event interesting is that I have previously scribbled notes on this very bench in 2007, and 2008.

The Roman experience isn’t an exactly new experience for myself. As I look around I see that the city hasn’t changed greatly over these past few years. The workers at my favourite cafe are still the same, though with some grey in their hair now. The Indians still run the food and drink carts, and the North Africans still sell fake designer goods.

These observations force me to question if anything has changed at all amidst these experiences in the former capital of the world. After some thought, I have come to the conclusion that it is I in fact that has changed. Each visit has broadened my worldview and has increased my experience of travel and all the little tricks that come along with it.


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