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Eight Days Left; Time Sure Flies

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Less than two weeks left until we return to our homes and do final assignments. It is sad that it has endded so quickly, it just seems like yesterday we were in Rome exploring the Forum. This trip has opened up Eroupe in a new light, seeing the sights of major reformations, and battle sites of the two world wars, just to name a few.

The SSU travel terms teach things that can not simply be taught in the classroom. The reflection we do on the history and art we see allows it to make a much greater impact on us; it has for me I can tell you that. I belive it has allowed us to grow as people and as a school community. I hope that the next years entering will also have this feeling as it is what makes the trip truly worthwhile. I hope that as we return home that we will continoue to grow from this experince and that it will not just be shoved in a little corner of our minds.


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