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A Vast Empire

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I remember the first time I ever saw a Roman aqueduct. When I was about six or seven years old my family took a trip through Syria. I specifically remember being really excited about it because we had learned about them in class not long before. It was three arches high and seemed to stretch on forever.

Being from a place that was no stranger to Roman ruins, I found a particular interest in these systems. The first running water in history and how much these masterpieces have shaped society all around the world is fascinating to think about.

Yesterday we toured the town of Perugia, in Italy. When we were heading to supper, I had the great joy of getting to walk on one that had been turned into a path. As I stood on the cobblestone path built so long ago, I was instantly brought back to seeing the aqueducts in the Middle East. In the moment of reminiscing on childhood memory one thought came to me. I was just in Rome the other day, and now I’m standing in one of the greatest architectural achievements of their empire. Thinking back to the ones in Syria I was suddenly hit with the true span of the empire the Romans had. Thinking about how far away the Middle East is and how they have the same things built by the same people really hit me hard. I always knew the Romans had a massive empire that reached the Middle East, but thinking about how far away I am has been on my mind lately. These last few days have really put into perspective for me how vast and great the empire truly was.