One Termtotal fees

$ 9,300

per on-campus term, which includes:
  • Tuition* ($5,900)
  • Double room in residence ($1,575)
  • Home-cooked meal service ($1,575)
  • Student service fee ($250)
  • Includes laundry, wifi, parking, etc.
  • *5 courses (15 credit hours)
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Travel Term

$ 10,300

per term abroad, which includes:
  • Tuition*
  • Travel costs
  • Room & board
  • *5 courses (15 credit hours)
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supplement to double room fee for a single room.


Interested in taking individual courses at SSU as a part-time student? You simply pay


per course


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Additional Expenses

  • Further expenses include the purchase of books (approx. $600 per term if bought new) and photocopying, and incidental personal expenses such as a phone & long distance plan.
  • All students are required to be protected by appropriate health and hospitalization insurance while in attendance at the university and should ensure that their certificate of coverage is in their possession.
  • Students taking part in the university’s study terms abroad are also required to be covered by appropriate travel insurance, and the cost will be the student’s responsibility. If necessary, coverage can be obtained through SSU at a minimal cost.
  • Transfer policy on travel terms: students with more than 45 credit hours are required to pay a surcharge of $2000 if they choose a second term abroad.
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Fee: $200 plus $50/ch for accepted credits.

For more information about payment dates and refund policies, click here. For information about how to fund your education, click here.