A Candian German in Munich – Sam Shantz

By June 23, 2008Uncategorized

Its weird, the first thing that struck me about Munich was that it reminded me of home. The streets were lined with trees, and the suburbs felt eerily similar to my neighbourhood in Kanata. It was a little disconcerting. For a short while I felt like I was no longer in Germany, no longer in a large tour bus, but that I was walking down the streets back home, going to a familiar place. For the first time on this trip I felt a sense of belonging. I do have some German blood in me, but not Bavarian as far as I know. My mothers side of the family immigrated after the war, and she grew up speaking German. I however, did not. In spite of this I still feel more at home in this city then I have anywhere else, and would choose to live here over everywhere we have visited, except maybe Austria. Its not an easy choice.

Sadly the similarities to home ended with the scenery. It seems to me that Germans are a fairly impatient people. Not that North Americans are not impatient ourselves, but I was surprised to find the Germans even worse. I am not a patient driver, but I still give pedestrians the right of way, to a degree, or at least wave cars through an intersection even when I arrive first. German drivers on the other hand are possessed by a type of road rage, and will honk at buses, pedestrians, or anything for that matter that gets in the way. Then they bang their fists on the steering wheel or dashboard in a fit of rage and disgust. It pains me to say this a bout a people group of which I am still so proud to be a part of. Maybe Austria looks better after all…