Beyond Four Walls

By March 15, 2009Uncategorized

It seems almost unbelievable that in less than two weeks, our team will be in St. Stephen once again, revelling (or resenting) the cold Canadian climate. I myself can hardly believe that our trip is almost over, that our time in South-East Asia is truly at an end. As I sit down to write this blog, I find that I am at a complete loss for words. Not that I don’t have anything to talk about- I would be a pitiable creature indeed if I had nothing to say about my experience on the other side of the world. Rather, I find that I am unable to sum up in just a few paragraphs all the amazing things that I have experienced and learned.

I feel as though I could talk for ages about the people I have met, how we have interacted, the way they live in their country- and how they are not so different from myself.

I could attempt to describe to you the ancient architecture from the North of the Philippines to the Lanna region of Thailand, and how each nation we have visited has astounded me with their ruins, their colonial churches, and their breathtaking landscapes.

What else? I could try to relay the inside jokes, the awkward moments, the ‘what happens in Asia, stays in Asia’ memories. Laughter has been a pretty important part of this trip.

And I could, if I had the chance, share with you the interesting facts and insights from our lectures, from each nation’s history to those things that hit closer to home. What I have been taught about the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand has not only expanded my academic reservoir, but has also challenged my perception of  the world as a whole.

The way I think, it seems, has once again been remolded.