Borrowed Words: “The Pain of Realizing a Dream” – Jason Bautista

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I believe that I am at a crossroad. It is not unusual, I’m convinced, that a man or woman crosses many times into new social dimensions where they are re-shaped. The deepest parts of my mind and soul have much to reveal. It is only now, in the “after life” of Europe with SSU, that I deliberate and in the passing thoughts come realizations, new perspectives – the firstlings of something genuinely mine. But it was not only the history or the philosophy that impacted me most. It was the experience of my present surroundings that sobered me into and kind of pre-occupation with the urgent rather than the suggested. At the end of the day, the journey is marked by the steps we took in the direction of our own curiosity. This curiosity I refer to is the wonder of how things are the way they are and how they could be different.I believe Europe is at a crossroad. A new beginning is underway in Europe. The union of many nations is forging a common future which means more possibilities for so many who might consider themselves unfortunate. With this change boarders are loosened and cultures are loosed. Ideas will clash and force many greater consequences for Europe and the world than has ever been before. When a new minority is introduced to a greater society, what happens now will be vastly different than the principles on which our forefathers relied.No longer can the superior of society reject the injustices of their neighbor’s sufferings. Of course, this is not the reality, but it is the dream that is a resounding cry across the globe. The way the world is wired today, we are aware of everything. Napoleon should know that if he were alive today, he would not rise to power. We would not allow it. The force of globalization has interwoven the world’s needs and desires to the point of undoing. Religion upon religion, the function of the individual, community and spirituality will be challenged, re-thought or reinforced and culture will be transformed nevertheless. We are an interdependent, inseparable world village, and where we are not yet, we will be. But, for what great cause is the EU of it does not look without? What are the injustices of Europe’s closest neighbors?In my travels, I did not have to look far to find ethnic diversity. So many types of African cultures are represented in Mediterranean Europe. They have come to get a taste of the dream. Personally, I don’t call bootlegging a lucrative business but perhaps there are other reasons why these men and women have come. I know that these are unstable times in northern Africa and all over that continent. It is a tragedy that they leave their homelands and their cultural habitat for a peace that is not their own. A freedom that is not one’s own is what? A culture that is not one’s own means what?So many dislocated people who speak so many different languages, in body and mind and spirit. To use a metaphor, we are so close in fellowship with our own brothers but we are so far from the cries of the illegitimate children who are actually of the same household. Our fellowship is most beautiful and it seeks more to love. The ones with no voice we can understand are the ones we place on the verges of society. And many times, in their fear, they retreat into what they are familiar with and create their own sub-societies in our midst. This is the cultural tension of the world. I hope my fellow Christ-lings and I can be the active force of love to the neighbors who live outside.I am at work. I am finishing some Europe assignments. I was reading an article and came across a remarkable author. His name is Per Huttner, from Sweden. He lives in Spain, away from all that he once knew. He writes:”But to actually pack up and leave is a very different reality from talking about it when you are slightly discontent with your life. On top of everything many I was caught up in a pattern of continuous and deliberate failure. With success come great responsibility and also the possibility for much more painful disappointments. By continuously failing I was able to remain in control of my reality and life. But when we submit ourselves to this pattern means that we are always controlled by our fears and it becomes impossible to distinguish what is true and false, good and bad in our lives. In the end this fear ends up running and ruining our lives.”I don’t believe that this story fits with the subject matter of the article in quite the way I was expecting because it is a personal account while the rest is a research report. It actually became the life force behind the subject, this testament from the heart of a man into words. Its strange, how many personal predicaments can be evaluated and challenged for great resolve all the while doing nothing at all for the people all around.”Pre-occupation with the urgent”. Too bad. Too much time in thought will send me drifting through time and space, alone.The pain of realizing a dream, in conclusion, is going bravely into the uncertain future, where dreams are traded for vivid, sometimes agonizing reality. Also, there is pain in reality. The pain is a passing away from the vain pleasures of indulgent comforts. There is something unbearable about realizing something real because it just might go against the ideal which is the thing dreamed of. The dream can be a pre-occupation with things fantasized. So, the Dream different from other dreams, is the happiness and love thought to be too unreal — a distant,impossible dream. When we embrace our Dreams for the first time, we walk into an uncertain place. It is so unlike our certain selves, the ignorant person who believes in the self no matter how deceived. So, we are in a seemingly unreal place. We need to tread on that land with some faith in hope. “The Pain of Realizing a Dream” is the title of Per Huttner’s article.