canvas walls. – Ashley Warren

By July 13, 2008Uncategorized

i wake up in the morning to stare at a canvas made shelter that surrounds me in four not so solid walls that gather and hold together at the top. despite their good intentions, i squint my eyes from the sun that they do not keep out, and roll over to search my thermarest for the areas in which they have let gushing waters of rain in. smacking my hand around the nearest canvas wall for those two metal friends that will part, just to let me out into the world of nature that holds me so tight as i sleep. slipping a flip-flop onto each foot, knowing they have survived the damp night, i know that i have too. for two months i have learned to live this life, and to love this life. and somehow it doesn’t all end here. that i can continue on in a day to shower, dress, and eat. i sit on a seat in a bus beside a friend, bag on back, pen in hand, ready for the world to take me as i am. the bus takes me to a place i will remember forever, that will teach me of things i never knew and that will leave me all the more knowledgeable than i was before. the friend that sits in the seat beside me, this friend i will remember forever, they will teach me of things i never knew and will leave me all the more knowledgeable than i was before. if we live our lives with eyes closed, what do we have to take from it, how can we move forward and when can we ever bless others with the blessings that have been handed to us? i have seen things on this trip that have hurt me, leaving me in pieces, some which have been left behind. i have seen things that have amazed me, leaving me like a child gazing upward, eyes still fixed on the wonders of this world. and i have seen things that have left me lying on the floor, tears welled in my eyes, holding my gut, for the pain of laughter is a pain i will love forever. we can paint a picture to reflect a thought, we can take a picture to hold onto a memory, but the truest and most beautiful ones you can only find buried in our hearts and sitting in that seat next to us on a bus that will take us to amazing places and that will show us the wonders of this world.