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First the bus; we life, nearly one day out of every four, together on the bus. There is no escaping the headphone dance parties nor the sleeping seat mates. We, all of us, have been on each other’s nerves at some moment. But we have had an amazing amount of grace towards each other. Greg Finley’s “f” word (flexibility) is ingrained in our minds. We learn to react slowly when we are short on temper, and we learn to tread quietly around those who need their escape. Sleep is perhaps the most efficient method of retreat and escape available on the bus. If the group attitude is to be measured by our use of this technique alone, we must have grown together already. Of course, one must also consider that the brunt of our Spanish and Italian activity packed days have begun to slow down, and we have learned to keep ourselves better rested. Beyond the scope of the bus, I believe we are beginning to understand the degree to which we are responsible to each other as a group. For many it is a slow lesson, and often bittersweet, but there is no escaping it. In each moment, I am responsible to the group, if only because the group is responsible for me.
Culture: There is no telling how many time throughout both Spain and Italy I have arrived at a store only to be disappointed because it is closed for siesta or for Sundays. Of course, my initial response is frustration, firstly because i want to be able to get what i want, and second because i found it impossible to figure out when siesta was for sure. Upon reflection, however, I think I love the idea of siesta. It reflects a cultural value that could not survive in our capitalistic North America.

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  • Theresa Wilson says:

    Hi Tyler,
    Love to hear how you are all growing together. I know these are lessons that will be good for the rest of your lives, as you interact with others. It sure sounds like you all having an awesome time, what a marvellous experience! Keep safe, love you lots, Mom.