Thailand, never before had I thought of Thailand as a mountainous region filled with kind loving people, ready and willing to greet you, warm and welcoming. Known as the land of smiles I definitely have noticed the generosity and kindness the Thai people have to offer.
The Thai people are very proud, they are known in Southeast Asia for being the country that has never been colonized. As a tourist I am constantly reminded of this, seeing that every Thai person likes to mention this fact.
There is definitely something brilliant about Thailand. Unique from all the other Asian countries, I have found this country to feel the most safe and exciting.
After visiting many Buddhist Watts, participating in monk chats and having a practicing Buddhist looking after me I feel as if I am an expert on the Buddhist religion.
The Southeast Asian trip is coming to a close and I am feeling sad about leaving the country. I have grown comfortable with the Tuk Tuk rides and often running into elephants on sidewalks late at night. There is so much more to see here and I am sad that I will be leaving.
This travel term has been the best learning experience I have been on. Having two professors that both teach on history I feel that I have been able to learn so much. By seeing the sites and experiencing things first hand I will never forget what I have learned.