Happy Birthday in Barcelona

By May 26, 2008Uncategorized

After packing up our wet tents and belongings in our first real stretch of sunshine this morning, the SSU Europe group made the long drive from soggy Madrid to sunny Barcelona. Drivers Chris and Nell took our bus through rugged countryside that reminded some students of the Badlands in western Alberta. Along the way, students continued to make in transit presentations based on research they had done previous to the trip. Dana VanVeller and Jason Bautista did presentations on the works of Goya and Staff member Matt Frise provided an overview of Spanish political history. Students are wrestling and unpacking interesting ideas about the role of the artist in politics as we travel so far.

Today happens to be Europe Faculty member Dr. Margaret Anne Smith´s birthday, and we celebrated in a Carrefour parking lot with Spanish pastries for everyone and birthday treat for Margaret Anne. Another cause for celebration was trip coordinators Kendall and Shelley Kadatz´official graduation from their Masters programs at UNB. We celebrated again with Shelley and Kendall on the beach in “sunny” Barcelona (becoming steadily more overcast after we arrived) while avoiding the “Sand-bonis” that were levelling the beach for the next day. Unfortunately, the party ended in a mass retreat as the rain caught up with us once more. We have hopes for clearer skies soon.