hollow men, rebellion and the tyranny of democracy – Zach Smith

By July 11, 2008Uncategorized

Descartes said “we rebel, so we are”

This correlates well with my troubling visit to Dachau where i wrote this poem sitting under a tree.

pain gives way

human: to grow upon

the reception of love.

with power our everyday evil

becomes reality,

our slave owning tendencies

do come true, our hate is

fully realized.

“this is the way the world ends,

this is the way the world ends”

with a failed assassination

and a million blind eyes.

A basic part of being human is the ability to rebel, to stand up to tyranny . This defines the ages, the dictators can only put their subjects down like animals for so long before humanity rises up. For example, the Velvet Revolution and on the grandest scale WWII. The problem, i think, is that rebellion is always a last resort. Our North American unwillingness to rebel has lost us the respect of the politicians who no longer fear us; we fear them.