how to describe europe trip 2008? – Raymond Funk

By June 23, 2008Uncategorized

It maybe best to list some words to describe it:overwhelming- the places, cultures and ideas I have encountered have been so rich in history and events. We focus on many of the famous people like Michaelangelo, Gaudi, Dürer and Hitler, but these are representatives (brilliant or famous as the may be) of the people of that time. They are both shaped and shapers of that time. How does one weigh and separator the influences of the past without feeling a sense of injustice in not being able to account for so many influences. And how can we not be amazed at the paradox of feeling small, shaped by our culture or circumstance, yet at the same time have so much potential to create change.That may be one of the great aspects of this trip. Understanding the potential for influence and the creative potential for change.Shoot, that is just one word, and only one aspect of it. But like our trip there is so much in it it cannot be easily described at once.