I Just Dont Understand the Thai’s

By March 23, 2009Uncategorized

I thought for my blog dealing with Thailand, I figured the best place to start would be with the Thai people. They are a strange bunch, and a lovely people but I really do not quite understand them.  My family was wonderful but I really cannot get a grasp on when they were angry, sad, or happy. I was told before I came  here that Thais don’t show much emotion, which is far from the truth, it’s just impossible to figure out which emotion they are showing. Ajaan Rien was trying to say “pork” to a lady on the phone, and she couldn’t understand the tone on the phone and it sounded like egg. It’s crazy. Our homestay mom was yelling on the phone really loud and sounded very angry, but then every once in a while would throw out a gut busting laugh. I just don’t get it.  Our homestay dad seemed sad or angry all the time, but then out of nowhere would be positive or happy, I just don’t understand. I could make guesses or assumptions but I am gonna stick with the fact that I just don’t understand. So I have really enjoyed the strange and lovely bunch that are the Thai’s, but I definitely do not understand what makes them tick.

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