Well here we are
It’s our last day in Bangkok,  tomorrow we will board the flight home.
This whole trip I have been thinking about what home really means because every new home-stay and hotel we lived in instantly was referred to as “home”.
Beth and I even called our home-stay family members “Dad” and “Moooooooomy” when we were really homesick or literally sick.
Now I refuse to get all sentimental and say “home is where the heart is”…regardless of whether that statement is true or not I hate how corny it sounds…for the record I do believe it but again, coooorny.

I will miss Thailand.

I never thought I would find myself back here and I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to visit again. Chiang Mai is a great city and the University campus far exceeded my expectations. Chiang Mai is one city in Thailand I would hope to see again, perhaps to even study at Chiang Mai University. All the professors we got to meet were wonderful. My favorite lecture and prof was an old, old man whose name I cannot remember. He taught us about Buddhism as he had been studying it all his life and even wrote a book for us “Falangs” to better understand. I will never forget when that frail, hunched over man came into our classroom with the help of a cane and another faculty member. When he spoke I listened intently, hanging off of every word he said. Maybe it was his age (85, I believe) or experience…whatever it was, there was something about this old man that made me think he was very, very wise and that I should hear what he had to say.

Now I bet your wondering what he said? If I brought my notebook I would have been able to share my favorite parts of his lecture…

Just believe me…it was wise and good and although I am not currently Buddhist nor do I plan on converting, it was still helpful to me as a human.

So, today we say goodbye to our time in Asia and journey back to Ithaca or home or whatever you want to call it.