Supermarkets – Jennifer Ngo

By July 9, 2008Uncategorized

We spend a lot of time in supermarkets on this trip. Well, at least I do. Every few days, one would hear, “Today’s a shopping day. Teams Tyler, Katie and Ben will be shopping. Everyone else, please meet at the cashier at…” so on so forth.

Supermarkets definitely give us a glimpse of the culture we drove our trusty Taeter Mercedes Bus into. In Vienna, I was pushed aside twice at a small but comprehensive supermarket, as people twirled around me in a frenzy — it was the only market open in the area on Sundays. The supermarkets in Italy are generally huge, with nice laid-back cashier ladies, who would leisurely ring in our foodstuff with manicure hands. The supermarket in Munich had a big section with stacks of any-kind-of-beer imaginable in crates. It is interesting to see mothers lugging their drooling two-year-olds and balancing a bag of groceries on their hip, as we dash into the wine department for a bottle of French Bordeaux and an avocado to spice up the lunch sandwich.

It’s a comfort to find some of the same food we can get at home, only under different brands. It’s also a joy to discover new food, like antipasto to go with bread, and a multitude of cheeses. But it is true, that we dine like kings in Europe. Everyone is a certified chef.