Kunsthaus Museum, Zurich; The Earth is Not a Cold, Dead Place

It is true that we weer in Zurich over a week ago, but my Internet access has been limited and my ability to blog severely poor. The Kunsthuas has been by far one of my favorite art museums thus far. I learned that it existed when i picked up a postcard in Munich and saw Kunsthaus written on the back of it; the postcard was of a statue of one of my favorite artists, Alberto Giacometti, and once i learned of its existence I knew I had to visit the museum in Zuirch. The following is taken from my journal after visiting the Kunsthaus. Everything about the Kunsthaus was marvelous; the architecture, staff, layout of art pieces, and of course the art itself. I got to see Alberto Giacommetti, a sculptor and painter who died in the 60s. His sculptures are usually these tiny, emaciated, dilapidated, figures, and he has a special technique in which he drips bronze on them once they are almost completed. He begins with a giant piece of ,material in front of him, but he always whittles them down into almost nothingness. He is trying to find the true being inside the material and this seems to usually take him quite some time. He does not seem to be so concerned about his pieces aesthetic beauty, but that they convey truth; true emotion. I also saw so many other artists i love; Lichtenstein, an American pop artist, one of Warhol’s Campbell soup cans, Degas, Renoir, a plethora of pieces by the crazy Jewish artist Chagall, Liebermann, Matisse, and the list goes on for quite some time so I will stop there. Each artist is taking the world and portraying it in their own way. They are pushing the limits of human imagination, expressing a message whether it be political or philosophical, and they are trying to solidify just a tiny fragment of time and space in their works. Why do we love art so much? What is it that pushes humans to create? Your guess is as good as mine. However, i definitely believe that we were created as creative beings, and we can choose to use our creativity to bring beauty to the Earth and life out of the cold dead places in our hearts.

Anyways, I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting all of the art museums and trying to tackle the question what is art?