Life in the homeland of Narnia – Krystal Muise

By July 15, 2008Uncategorized

Just a few days ago, we were able to spend time in Oxford, England. The town is everything you could imagine of an English town. Filled with houses that are considered new if they were built in the 17/18th centuries, flower pots, Tea shops and of course Oxford University. While i have dreamed of going to Oxford (as i am sure every university student has done once or twice) seeing this magnificent city sprawling with 30 different colleges was really wonderful. Peter explained that there was a SSU student who went to Oxford for a graduate studies program and described how lonely the world of Oxford really can be. The silent undercurrent of a social hierarchy is still engrained into much of Oxford, and in part the wider English culture. Nevertheless it was fun to day dream about Harry Potters life at Hogwarts (which was filmed in a section of Oxford U) and try to imagine being an Oxford student. The history seemed to seeping out of every corner and street of the entire town it was fantastic! I also was able to go to Eagle and Child Pub, the pub that C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien, and other infamous authors would meet weekly and discuss their newest book ideas, philosophy and regular life over a pint and fish and chips. It was INCREDIBLE!

While Oxford University may not be in my future, it was wonderful to visit and gave me a passion for returning and experiencing more of English life.