Life on the road – Ashley Burtch

By May 31, 2008Uncategorized

The days here blend into each other so I have no clue what day or time it is but we are having an amazing time. Here’s a short excerpt from my journal entry from earlier today, just to give you a taste:The shock and awe of travelling sets in sometimes like a heavy fog. Yesterday I woke up in Carcassone, France. Two days ago I was in Barcelona, Spain. Tonight I will be sleeping in Florence, Italy. I had a chocolate crepe for breakfast this morning while overlooking the French Riviera in Nice, France and last night I swan in the Mediterranian Sea. Now we are driving through a series of over 100 tunnels on our way to Italy.

It’s been a whirlwind of events. Highlights have included The Dali Museum in Figures, Spain, wine and cheese and chocolate and olives at lunch, drinking Sangria on Las Ramblas in Barcelona and seeing Parc Guell (designed by Antonio Gaudi). The Passion Facade at the Sagrada Familia, a huge cathedral also by Gaudi was amazing too. We weren’t in Southern France for too long, just transiting though but we will be returning to Paris and the surrounding area later in the trip. Tomorrow we’ll be going to the Accademia in Florence and seeing the David by Michelangelo along with many other icons of Western art and history. Florence (or Firenze in Italian) was the center of the Italian Renaissance during the fifteenth century. It’s been amazing to learn as we travel. I don’t think I would have remembered the half the things we’ve learned if I hadn’t been seeing it right there. The thing that has impressed me the most has been the Passion Facade at the Sagrada Familia – designed by Antonio Gaudi. Building began on the cathedral in 1882 and there is a projected completion date of 2026, 100 year anniversary of Gaudi’s death. The Passion Facade was described by Sam as blockade design, which is fitting. I’ve never seen a depiction of the Passion like this before. The thing that struck me the most was the pillar in the center of the two doors to which a sculture of Chris is tied. The expression on his face can’t be described. You should just come see it for yourself.