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By April 18, 2009Uncategorized

Being back from Asia (or anywhere, really); it is a strange thing. It is not that being back is strange because I am not in The Philippines, Thailand or Malaysia in particular, it is just strange moving from one thing to the next.

I was just thinking to myself that I have been away from home at university for two years now.

Two years.

That time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was deciding to leave Minnesota and come to this far off land called St. Stephen. But, time passed as it does, and what seemed long while in the process became quick.

The time passes and all of a sudden we are changed and we barely notice it.

This “almost-time-travel” mentality applies to my time traveling through Asia with St. Stephen’s University. When you are in it, you are in it; time moved slow throughout my trip and suddenly, after a long (yet remarkably quick) two day trek I was back in Canada, back in St. Stephen. And it seemed as though I had never left.

Life keeps moving when you are moving, even when you expect it to stop.

And, the days passed. The school work began to build up, the trip, the being there lost focus and the being back took over. And now, weeks after resettling I am beginning to recall the times I had, the hard and marvelous times I spent traveling. Memories I had already forgotten have begun to float back into my mind, to prove that I am alive, that I am living and breathing and doing.

And the time, it keeps moving.

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