Madrid! – Kristel Boeve

We made it to Madrid! We were delayed in Montreal for two hours, but luckily we did not miss our connecting flight from Frankfurt to Madrid. It has been rainy and cold every day since we arrived, but we leave for Barcelona tomorrow so hopefully it will be dryer and warmer there. However, the rain has not stopped us from visiting lots of places. Friday we went to Valle de Los Caidos (Vally of the Fallen) which is a complex built on a mountain outside of Madrid built by General Franco to commemorate all the Spaniards who died in the Spanish civil war. It has a cathedral built into the side of the mountain, a monastery and a giant 500 foot high cross that is the largest free standing cross in the world. Then Saturday we went to Sorento Segovia which has a old Roman aqueduct, another cathedral and a fortress. The aqueduct was really cool to see. That day we also went to Avila which has a preserved medieval city with a fortifying wall surrounding it that you can walk on. Today we are in Madrid it self and have gone to the Prado Museum where there are many famous paintings by artists such as El Greco, Goya, Raffealo, Botticelli and Bosch. We have done a ton of walking the past few days so I am exhausted right now, we are all looking forward to tomorrow when we will be spending most of the day traveling to Barcelona.

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