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Yeah, I know the title’s ridiculously fitting, especially when it comes from the girl who wanders all over SSU with knitting needles and yarn, but it’s true. I’m surrounded by this enormous tangle of yarn and am thoroughly frustrated by the knot that’s hiding in there somewhere. And that was supposed to be a break from the essay…either way, I felt like posting on a blog for the very first time ever (don’t I feel special!).

Anyway. Southeast Asia and what I think, huh? Well, it’s going to be a stretching experience. I don’t like stretching, really. It’s uncomfortable and generally involves talking to people when I don’t want to. At the same time, I’m not actually afraid or debilitatingly nervous. I would be lying if I said that I’m totally and completely comfortable leaving behind my culture, books and other creature comforts. But hey, that’s what the trip’s for, right? To stretch, to twist around our Canadian perspective until we’ve learned what it means to experience (in other words, we’re sick and tired of things that are new and strange). We sit in classes all day, write essays until our fingers fall off and learn that if you roll up your sleeves, you’re supposedly picking a fight. It all amounts to seven weeks of swimming (or doggie-paddling) in a culture that is totally foreign.

But in reality, this whole endeavour is to learn about a unique people that God has created and placed on this planet as our brothers and sisters. And since they’re our brothers and sisters, we should want to share with each other. It’s one of the things that I’ve picked up from SSU, where you share yarn, hot chocolate, advice, laughter, food and arguments (heck, Katie Ironside just interrupted me to borrow knitting needles). I guess you could say that’s the reason why I want to go to Asia. I want to learn how to stretch enough to appreciate and share someone else’s love for God, to know their culture and passion.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll learn a new passion. Maybe I’ll get to teach someone over there to knit! 😉

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