“Once I was in Asia” or “The Last Blog”

Once I was in Asia. Did I learn anything there that you might find enlightening, interesting or at the very least somewhat amusing? Yes. Allow me to summarize it all for you in 200 words.

That was a joke. I cannot give a general overview of the experience and if I tried to it would not keep your attention. All the goodness is in the specifics. Like that one time in a Malaysian hostel when I fell through the bottom of the top bunk almost killing Ariel Smith (if standing beside a tiny Asian person does not make you feel fat, falling through one of their flimsy beds will). Or that other time at the night market in Chiang Mai when I had not yet gotten the hang of bartering and I spent ten minutes haggling over ten baht which is the equivalent of thirty cents (boy, was that vendor lady mad at me). Or at the Maesa Elephant Camp when the elephant wrapped her trunk around me and blew snot in my face, confirming my childhood belief that I and the elephants of this world are kindred spirits. And in the Philippines, taking pictures of Tira Ingersoll dancing with stoic starfish and vexing waterlogged sea cucumbers.

The Asia trip, far more so than the Europe trip or the cumulative SSU experience, is a book of short stories. Perhaps there is a common theme to all the different stories: digestive problems, copious amounts of sweat, or pretty flowers. Honestly though, it is a challenge to find something cohesive about the Asia trip save this: once we were in Asia together, traveling the same road that past SSU students have traveled, and where future SSU students will one day journey–another chapter in the larger, fuller story of being a part of this school.

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