Today we are taking in the last few lectures and making final preparations before the SSU European study term departs tomorrow at 8am! Students have been completing assignments and attending pre-Europe lectures this past Friday, Saturday, and Monday on topics ranging from art history to the European Union in order to prepare for the experience. This morning, Dr. Margaret Anne Smith delivered her final pre-Europe lectures on Homer and the foundations of Western mythology, followed by Brieanna Lebel, who has been guiding students through an overview of the History of Western Art.

This evening, students will all pitch in to clean Park Hall, pack lunches for tomorrow, and to weigh in their luggage so that our times in the airports of Saint John, Montreal, Frankfurt, and Madrid run smooth.

Of course, being the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, we also managed to throw in a BBQ or two and a campfire down by Lake Digdeguash in spite of the rainy weather.

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