Peanuts and steak?

By March 20, 2009Uncategorized

I have now travelled the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and parts of Hong Kong. Do I feel like a traveller? Not really. It’s like the experiences are still too close for me to examine them clearly. I don’t really feel any different. I’m still paranoid about being out in the city at night and I’m not a huge fan of ethnic food. I mean, come on, Canadians do not mix peanuts and steak. But at the same time, I get the feeling that I have changed. I’m more confident about acting on my own. I’m not afraid to talk to someone who does not speak English (although confusion and hilarity may ensue). And I know the SSU people on the trip far better than I did before, which is a huge bonus.

Thailand is great. I am looking forward to the trip down to Bangkok and the Khon Dance should be great. But my heart says that all this time in great countries down here only reinforces my love for Canada and the people in it. To be completely honest, I want to come home to snow drifts and my quiet room in the Cave so that I can think really hard about all the new and exciting things that have buzzed past my eyes in Asia.

Hopefully then I’ll be able to organize the whole experience into coherent thought. I’d really like to know why they put peanuts in Pad Thai. It’s just too much crunch!