Reflection time – Hannah Beck

By June 17, 2008Uncategorized

It feels almost strange to sit here and purposely reflect back on the first part of trip. Wait, its even weirder to think that half of our trip is now over…it has felt like it has happened in the blink of an eye. Only, upon reopening the eye I know way more about art than I ever thought I would and I have done things that my own dreams could not produce. The trip has defintiely been a whirlwind so far. Each day that goes by feels almost like a few days jammed into one; its like the morning and evening could easily be split up into two days because we do so much in that small alotted time. Back to reflection, I dont think I can yet write about how much I have appreciated everything so far because I havent really had the time to; any moment of potential downtime is filled with opportunities of more fun things to do.. and lets face it, its hard to pass those moments up. So here I am, reflecting, if only for a short while as I hide in this internet cafe.. resisting the temptation of what the world out there has to offer.

The highlights of my trip so far have been the romantic cities.. most notably Carcasonne and Florence. Their cobblestone streets, street vendors, and tangible glimpses into the past I could not soak in enough, and prompted many whimsical thoughts. The Amalfi coast was another major highlight. I was encouraged to take a scooter along the coast (despite the fact that I had never ridden one before) and was told over and over agian that it would be totally worth it. So I ended up going and it turns out all those people did not even begin to do it justice… the whole entire drive along the coast was just incredible. If i didnt like riding the scooter so much Im not sure I would have made it to the town of Amalfi because I kept stopping to try and take in every last bit of what I was seeing. the colours of the water, the cliffs, the trees, and the flowers the covered the houses were brilliant and like nothing Ive ever seen before. The third highlight so far has in my mind been the last campground that we were at just outside of Salzburg, Austria. A campground you ask? Odd, I know, but we had just come from Italy, which is undeniably beautiful in its own right; but nothing compared to the snow capped mountains, the fresh air, and the gleaming lake that was at our fingertips at that campsite. I dont think any of us wanted to leave when the time came. It goes to show, theres something about Gods creation in nature that is irreplaceable; it runs so much deeper and seemingly on a whole other realm of understanding and appreciation. Man has created many beautiful and amazing things, but none has compared to the abundent beauty and life that is found all over the world.

Im being kicked out of the internet cafe… back to the whirlwind that is my life right now.