shannon may broke the elevator – Tyler Wilson

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No cause to worry, the elevator is now in fine working order.

In other news; a reflection inspired by our final debrief together.
Pete asked us what questions we are now asking ourselves as a result
of travelling and learning in Europe. Here’s where I’m at:

I find myself asking ‘What does it take to be an artist, and what
purpose does art serve?’ Certainly there is a huge spectrum of art,
and it is difficult to define, but some things simply cannot be called art, and some simply must. For example, our discussion of Klimt, a racy painter who portrayed women masturbating sparked a meaningful conversation about the difference between pornography and art. I believe that some of the difference lies in the intention of the artist. The same is true of an artist such as Pollock or Picasso. While any child may be capable of some of the same art, the child would be painting with a different intent, and that is where I believe beauty becomes art.

As for what purpose art serves, I just don’t know. Throughout Europe we have seen countless examples of religious propaganda painted by artists who were paid by wealthy church systems. I believe that to a large extent this method of, and purpose for, art has died away. Probably for the better. But that doesn’t meant that art has nothing to say about current religious matters. On the other hand, art can very clearly be a means to voice political messages, as we learned from Goya and Picasso. I suppose that I find myself on a journey to learn how and when art can be used to give voice to social and political injustice, and to find a personal expression of that art form.

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  • anonymous says:

    let’s just clarify the heading a little. shannon-may pushed a button in the elevator and it stayed pushed in…someone tryed to fix it and it broke even more, however all is well now.