Some final reflections – Raymond Funk

By August 6, 2008Uncategorized

I have a hard time believing that I have just seen some of the most important places and works of art of the Western Civilization. It seems humanity is captivated by these places and these things, at least the many of us in the western hemisphere. Is humanity moved by these pieces and places? Yes. But, these pieces and places were moved by humanity first. And so humanity itself is captured through and captivated by the amazing cities, churches, sculptures, paintings and cultures we have experienced through this trip.

I have stood in places where humanity has shown its ability to function at its worst, and in the same place where humanity functioned, though suppressed and struggling, at its best (Dachau). I saw how wealth and power applied in the right way can bring a flourishing of colour and expression in art, but in the same place have seen where wealth and power applied in the wrong way can bring oppression and division (Italy, the Vatican). I have sat in a huddle of tents, completely frustrated by the friends around me, and have sat in that same place completely amazed by the friends around me.

There is both a problem in us and a solution in us as well. We have a great capacity for creating pain, for taking away life. But we have also been given a great capacity to give life. How do we become better at giving life to the world around us?