The Bare Bones of Art – Dave McCallum

Art possesses the ability to continually surprise you. I´ve realized this in this first week on the trip. This may not seem overly profound but there is a distinct difference between reproduced art in a textbook and the original work. I cannot truly judge art as I see it on a glossy page that I quickly skim over. I only get the bare bones of what it is about when I do that. But I´ve brought that skeletal structure with me to Europe and this last week of visiting art museums and world famous sites has put some flesh on those bones. One piece in particular was Picasso´s Guernica in Madrid. The artist painted it in protest against the atrocities committed by Hitler in his bombing of the rural Spanish town of Guernica April 26, 1937. I stood in front of the mural for a half hour letting myself slowly ingest what I was seeing. The end result was a very emotional response to a incredibly impacting piece of art. It left an indelible impression on me, one that helped to defribrillate my preconceived notions of art. I really hope that this process continues throughout the trip.