When I arrived in the Philippines I felt overwhelmed. I did not realize what I had gotten my self into.  As days passed it started to occur to me that this trip was not a luxury trip but required my full participation in everything I had. The Filipino family I was assigned to was nothing but caring and giving. It was overwhelming the love they poured into our friendship. This poor modest family was ready and willing to give everything they had to satisfy my needs. I learned so much about generosity from them.

I also was introduced to Asia’s love for Videoke. This horrifying act of embarrassment is often funny when you watch the first two people go up and make a fool of themselves. After the second singer you are already bored, but this does not apply to Asians. They never tire of it.
Malaysia has been a completely different experience than the Philippines. Being here in Malaysia has spoiled me rotten. Anything I would like to eat that is western food is right at my finger tip. My home stay had lived in London, England for a few years and had a good idea of what we westerners eat. He provided us with toast and eggs! Finally no rice in the mornings! Yippee. I have greatly enjoyed the mountains of Malaysia along with the beautiful clear waters of the ocean. I hope to return today.

Yesterday I had at least 50 of the most beautiful coloured fish surround me while I was snorkeling. They were nibbling at my fingertips. It was definitely an experience of a life time. I am so gratefulfor being here and am trying to enjoy every moment to it’s fullest.