The Voyage Across the English Channel – Charles Carmody

Yesterday we got up Sparrow Fart early (this is an expression i learned from Chris our Australian bus driver, and apparently its an expression they use to express getting up at ungodly hours in the morning, much like our saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’ but Chris assures me that sparrows fart way earlier than birds getting worms) yesterday morning and headed to the ferry that would be taking us to merry old England.  Of course it rained all night long creating a small river through the middle of the tent and continued raining while we packed the bus.  It seems that we have been cursed by rain on this trip, or maybe blessed i have not decided which yet, but as I type this I am sitting in Bath with drenched pants and soaking wet socks because of the constant downpour since nine this morning.  Anyways, all of my previous ferry rides have been quite enjoyable and I was quite excited about being on the sea once again.  We all boarded the ship and began to explore and the cars and boats were loaded on the bottom.  This was no more ferry, it had its own movie theatre with movies like Iron Man, which i proudly saw.  She was quite a fine vessel, however, she did not handle the giant rolling waves very well that day.  Less than halfway into the trip more than half of our team was either in the bathrooms puking or sprawled out on benches trying to ignore the constant rocking that was churning their stomachs.  I had the privilege of trying to make lunch while massive rollers exploded against the side of the boat.  I nearly got sick on the ham i was trying to cut and groans were let out by everyone the minute Mel opened up the bag of cheese.  Lets just say not that many people ate lunch.

We finally found our refuge top deck where the wind and fresh air seemed to soothe even the sickest of stomachs.  We laughed, pretended like we were super heroes as we opened our jackets to the whipping winds, and rolled around on the helicopter pad.  We saw the white cliffs of Dover as we pulled into port and just made terrible circumstances into a wonderful day.

That is one thing that I have enjoyed most about our group; the ability to laugh and smile in the worst of situations.   We are a resilient bunch, and we certainly have been through a lot together.  It makes me sad to think that in a week I will have to say good-bye to these friends, this family, but I will always remember this trip, and I know that I have grown exponentially in the last two months.