There and back again…

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Well I have been back in beautiful Canada for almost two weeks and sometimes it feels as if I haven’t actually left. But looking back at the past few weeks there is an obvious change that has happened in my life. Other than the fact that I am mufflerless, there are signifcant changes that have happened and to my surprise it is a spiritual change.  During our debriefings there was a sense of spiritual connectiveness as well as class connectiveness and even if we only had three Celtic prayer services there was a real spiritual community that was built while in Asia and when I came back there was that fear that I wouldn’t be able to find it. Brianna said it right that sometimes, or a lot of the time, the spiritual side of school gets pushed to the far corners of our mind which make us apathetic to the things around us and only caring for what goes on in our personal bubbles/circles. But I think one major thing that God taught me on the trip was to be open to other people that are outside of your normal circle and that as a traveling spiritual community you need to be open and willing to talk to “strangers” in the group. And I think that I did.  There are four beautiful girls, Crystal, Ariel, Cara, and Bethany that I have gotten the chance to get to know a lot better and see that they are beautiful, spiritual women and willing to be spiritually vulnerable. Also being home I have wanted to get to know the other people that weren’t on the trip that I have always been afraid to get to know because they were in a higher year or just not in my circle of friends, but there could be such great relationships made if only we step out of our comfort zone. Another fear is that while being home I will lose this “getting to know other people” attidude and fall back into the old way I meet people, which was take a long time and not even talk to certain people. But I think that there are enough people feeling the same way and our God is a good God and maybe it will be something that He places on the hearts of all of the students at SSU! Who knew it would take a trip to SE Asia to figure it out!

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