trust during travels – Ashley Warren

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  • Chris says:

    Hey, I think a good point is made in this blog. It IS so easy to write off a group, culture, or even a country based on your experiences, especially if you visit a place for a couple of days and all you see is negative.
    Here in Korea I am often running into foreigners who are cursing Koreans (every single one of em) because of one stupid driving mistake, or one jerk in the market. There are definitely times when I condemed the entire contry for the fault of a few (it’s so easy!). All this to say that I like the decision you came to (although it’s super tough to actually do). I think being able to trust (and simply ‘not write off’) those strangers who haven’t earned your trust yet is a brave choice; it’s often regretable, but it helps tear down walls rather than building them even stronger.