Understanding Equality – Dave McCallum

This is a response that I had to our visit to the Dachau concentration camp in Munich, Germany. I realize this was nearly three weeks ago but I think that the following poem that I wrote can be interpreted and applied in many different ways. It has to do with humanity’s equality and how it is accentuated in the most dire of circumstances.

The sweetness is not concerned with me.

Am I in denial when I say this?

I know that I always think that others are

When they say it or express it by their actions.

It seems like apathy is at the forefront of humanity.

When did it get that way?

We’ve become so disconnected with our fellow man!

So unconcerned with our neighbour’s life!

But somehow, at some points in history,

People remember the honey on their hands.

That the sweetness is concerned with them.

And at ground zero in the muck and the mire,

Someone reaches out their hand

To another who is hurting as much as they.

Mutuality is remembered.

Solidarity is recalled.

And the world slowly lifts up its head in hope.