Venice – a floating city of pirates

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Students learned yesterday about Venice and the many treasures and historic pieces stolen over the years of the Renaissance by the climbing city state.  This morning was an experience also in kind: Trip leaders Dr. Peter Fitch and Mary Ellen Fitch awoke to find that Mary Ellen’s bag had been stolen in the night from their tent while they slept. Her bag contained all of her valuables, including her camera, mp3 player, gifts she had bought, and a large sum of money. Other students also reported have their tents opened in the night. 

While the Fitches travelled to the local police station, SSU students searched the campsite for any possible clues or remains of the bag. Students eventually discovered a small hole in the outer perimeter fence and were able to crawl through, finding almost everything covered up with grass in various smaller piles. The money was gone, but all of the Fitches other possessions were recovered. Mary-Ellen is delighted to get her camera with all of its Europe photos and her iPod especially. Please continue to pray for our safety as we journey through these campsites that are not always as secure as we would like them to be.

Today, we head for Salzburg Austia, echoes of the theme from Sound of Music already beginning to build.

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  • OH MY! I can’t believe they found the stuff!! Hooray for the heroes that found it all. Good work!!! I hope they get some extra gelato for that.

  • Brenda Bart Dupuis says:

    Wow!! So glad most the stuff was found. I can actally see the sigh of relief on Mary Ellen’s face. Thank God. Blessigs

  • Gabby says:

    If I was a thief (which I’m not), I would DEFINATELY have taken the electronics. Not a very despirate thief aparently.

    I am SO happy that you got it back though. Luck or providence? Who knows…

    OR the thief was elderly, and not interested in/doesn’t know what the electronic things are.