Yesterday, the group had a great day exploring Asissi under hot sunny skies. The students were asked to find out two things: 1. the significance of the Tau cross often associated with Francis, and 2. something interesting about Francis that they did not know before. The winners for best answer by group vote would get a free pizza per question. The group discussion that ensued went long into the evening and ended with a short time of worship singing and arrangement of St. Francis’ prayer “Lord make me an instrument of your Peace” by Holli Durost.

Today we made our way to Venice and sett up our tents just in time to be deluged with some of the heaviest rain we have experienced on the trip. After huddling under shelter to eat supper most retreated to their tents our the campsite pub. The inside of our tents mostly managed to stay more wet than dry.

Tomorrow The SSU team will explore the waterways of the floating city of Venice, taking in piazza San Marco with its Duomo, art galleries such as the Fuori, and the beauty that is present everywhere in the city.

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  • Heidi Renee says:

    What a rich, beautiful time you are sharing together – my minds eye pictures you all there and I can hear Holli’s clear, beautiful voice ringing out through the hills. Lovely!