Welcome to Barcelona – Gaudi and Las Ramblas

By May 27, 2008Uncategorized

Despite another day of grey and showery weather, everyone headed into the city today to explore Barcelona.

Our first stop was the Sagrada Familia, an incomplete cathedral and famous Barcelona landmark that was designed by Antonio Gaudi. The SSU Europe Faculty noticed that there were far more teams of labourers working on the Sagrada Familia then they had noticed in past visits, and were encouraged to believe that the cathedral would be completed by the 100th anniversary in 2026. Somewhat disappointing however was the outfitting of all the cathedral tower entries with 2 € elevators rather than the “plain” old spiraling stairs that worked your legs but cost nothing to explore.

Next the group went to Park Guell, originally intended as an idyllic community for the rich, but now a lovely public park. The group prepared lunch at Park Guell while being serenaded by SSU musicians, and then explored the grounds while listening to busking musicians and chirping parrots.

Lastly the group explored las Ramblas, the heart of Barcelona´s urban life. Zoe Fitch wanted to bring back a baby rabbit from one of the many bird and cuddly animal vendors along las Ramblas, but it seemed a bit impractical. Student´s are already making plans to return there this evening after a chili supper for a taste of the night life.