Whirlwind – Krystal Muise

By June 23, 2008Uncategorized

There is really only one word that can describe what this trip is – whirlwind. We camp in one site for about three days, we see some of the world’s greatest art, cultural, and historical icons and then board our bus for a bus ride to yet another city or country. When we left Spain, we literally went through a mountain tunnel at one point and entered into Italy. In about five minutes we were no longer in the country that had been our travelling home. There has been more than one occassion where i have gone to sleep on the bus in one country and woken up in another. CRAZY! It really is life on the road.¬†Every day is more challenging and more rewarding.

How do you really summarize a trip where a person sees the things that we stop to see? I mean, there are people who dedicate their whole lives to studying just one of the sites or even just one of the many pieces of art that stand in one of the many Museums. It’s incredible all of it really. Getting to see The Sistine Chapel, the David, Donatello’s Mary Magdalene, Michelangelo’s Pietas. These are the things i am seeing. Time in Venice, in Vienna, in Munich learning about history, and cultural impacts. I don’t think i can really express what or how i feel about them because the impact of seeing these things has yet to fully hit me.

There is so much i am learning as the days and time goes by. I am learning about how graceful community needs to be and how it is fully possible to have that level of grace. I am learning about being present and making the most of every moment, whether that’s sitting on the bus, or standing in front of the Dachau concentration camp. This travelling life demands a level of being in the moment and flexible (yes gregg finley you were right… flexibility) that not many other things ask.

I am enjoying europe a lot. I love the exhileration of never knowing what is coming next, i love the community that i am building, giving to and recieving from. I love the connection that i am learning about how i do not stand alone, i stand with thousands of other who have contributed to western culture in ways that i had never known. I love waking up and never knowing what i am going to learn, or whose life i am going to learn about.

It is wonderful, and terrible. It is rewarding and challenging, but it is such an incredible journey.