I have wanted to go to Asia since I was barely ankle high, so this really is a life long dream come true. I mean sure I am excited for Europe as well but it just doesn’t have the same sense of adventure and nuance that Asia brings to the table. Sure I am nervous about a lot of things; (Broke Down Palace sure didn’t make things easier). There is this fear of the unknown that everyone will bring along with them, it is a natural feeling when going on a trip like this. I am looking past that fear and looking forward to all the new and exciting times that we will all be sharing. I am excited for the new and exotic foods that will tickle our taste buds. I am so excited to participate in the thriving Asian night life. I am looking forward to spending all sorts of money that I do not have on the the pocket book draining night markets in Chang Mai. I will be honest I am not expecting myself to go through some spiritual awakening, nor do I want to. I am excited for learning all sorts of new things, and seeing cultures that I have seen before. And of course there is also Karis’ flatulence and wise words that one could not ignore. I am excited for it all and will be on pins and needles until we board that flight in Toronto.