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Engaging Our Communities. Discovering New Opportunities.


St. Stephen's University

Engaging Our Communities. Discovering New Opportunities.


St. Stephen’s University

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5 days ago

St. Stephen's University

The Boys and Girls Club of Charlotte County is looking for a Youth Worker/Program Facilitator that will manage some innovative programs at the Youth Centre in St. Stephen.

Submit your cover letter and resume to Melinda Moffatt (email at the bottom) by August 14th, 2020.

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Who We Are


St. Stephen’s University is a small, private liberal arts university in St. Stephen, New Brunswick offering BA degrees in Humanities, International Studies, Community Engagement, and Psychology. Community living, world travel, and tiny classes produce thoughtful, employable graduates whom we are proud of.

Be Yourself

St. Stephen’s University is a welcoming, inclusive, affirming community where you can be yourself, accepted and included. At SSU, you can discover more about what you’re good at and what you can offer the world.

SSU is a small university that inspires transformative learning and growth through community living, experiential learning opportunities, and world travel. You won’t get lost in the crowd here – with less than 30 students in each year group, you’ll be known and cared for.

Journey Together

Your life’s journey really switches gears after high school. You are in control of where your journey takes you and who you travel with. We invite you to join our unique university as we journey together, seeking justice, beauty and compassion.

Get a meaningful degree alongside other people who want to tackle deep questions of justice, identity, spirituality and purpose while they study, travel and share daily life together. It makes all the difference who you journey with…

Expand Your World

SSU will widen your horizons, broaden your worldview, and challenge your perspectives. It will also quite literally expand your world during two credited terms of world travel with your whole class. You’ll experience Europe and Asia first-hand, absorbing their unique cultures and appreciating their diverse people.

Don’t just study history, language, and international studies in a classroom – come with us and see it in real life! Get a degree while you travel the world, only at St. Stephen’s University.

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