Travel the world while you get a degree

at Canada's smallest university.


Be Yourself

Figure out who you want to be and what you can offer the world...


Journey Together

At St. Stephen's University you tour a dozen countries with your whole class - as part of your degree!


Expand Your World

Tackle deep questions of faith, identity and meaning as you learn and grow.


Who We Are

St. Stephen’s University is a small, private liberal arts university in St. Stephen, New Brunswick offering BA degrees in Humanities, International Studies, Community Engagement, and Psychology. Community living, world travel and tiny classes produce thoughtful, employable graduates we are proud of.

SSU’s tagline is:  Be Yourself – Journey Together – Expand Your World.  Here’s why…

be yourself

St. Stephen’s University is a welcoming, inclusive, affirming community where you can be who you really are and be accepted and included; where you can discover more about what you’re good at and what you can offer the world. SSU is a small, caring university that inspires transformative learning and growth through community living and world travel. You won’t get lost in the crowd here – with less than 30 students in each year group, you’ll be known and cared for.

journey together

Your life’s journey really switches gears after high school. You are in control of where your journey takes you and who you travel with. We invite you to join our unique university for a while as we journey together, seeking justice, beauty and compassion – come and build your life and your career on these foundations. Get a meaningful degree alongside other people who want to tackle deep questions of faith, identity and purpose while they study, travel and share daily life together. It makes all the difference who you journey with…

expand your world

Your world is only as big as you make it. SSU will widen your horizons, broaden your worldview, and challenge your perspectives. It will also quite literally expand your world during two terms of world travel with your whole class. You’ll experience Europe and Asia first-hand, absorbing their unique cultures and appreciating their diverse people, getting degree credits as you go. Don’t just study history, language, and international studies in a classroom – come with us and see it in real life! Get a degree while you travel the world, only at St. Stephen’s University.

Why Choose SSU?

Smaller is better...

St. Stephen’s University is the smallest university in Canada, only accepting up to 30 new students each year. It’s a totally unique learning community in which everyone knows each other, and professors share daily life with students. Instead of being anonymous in a large university, at SSU we’ll actually get to know you well. There are no lecture halls here – all learning happens around a table.

Because our graduates get individual attention they stand out from the rest – they are particularly successful at entering Masters degree programs.

Explore stuff that matters...

At SSU you’ll also get the opportunity to develop personally and spiritually as part of your educational experience. To us this is a vital element of learning and growth. We love to tackle deep questions of faith, identity and meaning as an integral part of our liberal arts program. We ask these questions from a position of open-mindedness and curiosity, valuing diversity of ideas and opinions, past and present.

No pat answers here – we think the questions are often more helpful, and being over-certain of answers can limit learning and growth. One of the hallmarks of a Liberal Arts degree is critical thinking – the analysis and evaluation of an issue to form an opinion. At SSU we help you form, question and express your opinions and worldview, fostering an environment in which we respect and learn from those with differing opinions and worldviews.

Travel the world with your friends as part of your degree...

In all our degrees we include world travel with your whole class because we know from years of experience that experiencing other cultures expands a person’s worldview and broadens their perspectives in a way that simply can’t happen in a classroom. In the words of Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness… Broad, wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” We agree!

Undergraduate Studies

Foundation Year

Everybody takes the same courses in their first year of SSU, which we call our Foundation Year. It covers a broad selection of courses that allow you to figure out what major you’d like to pursue…

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Bachelor of Arts

Our students then go on to get an accredited Bachelor’s Degree. We offer BA degrees in Psychology, History, English, Philosophy, International Studies, Community Engagement, and Ancient History & Religious Studies. In years 2 & 3 our students travel the world for two terms…

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B International Studies

As an alternative to our BA degrees, we also offer a three year Bachelor of International Studies if you’ve already completed a year of practical training before you come to SSU…

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Study Abroad


Our international travel program is the only one of its kind in the world. Our students travel with their whole class, with professors,  in their second and third years to Asia and Europe. In addition, we offer short-term trips during regular terms. In March Break of 2018, a group went to Cuba!

Western Europe

Southeast Asia

Short Term Trips

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